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Issue 9 (2) 2010 pp. 41-51

Andrzej Węgiel, Paweł Oleszkiewicz, Dariusz Rutkowski

Poznań University of Life Sciences


Keywords: variant designing, forest pathways, recreation, education, GIS

The objective of this paper was to test in practical conditions possibilities of the application of GIS to design multi-variant educational pathways in the forest. An attempt was also made to develop a system of management of spatial information which makes it possible to design different alternatives of pathways in a specific forest complex. Nearly every fragment of the forest can be used to create educational paths. Usually, areas characterised by a considerable variability, situated in regions easily accessible for people are selected for such purposes. In the case of a strongly diverse area, the creation of multi-variant paths may be an ideal solution by providing different routes for persons of different ages and levels of education. There can also be theme alternatives presenting different problems or variants intended for selected ways of movement. GIS is very useful when designing many variants of educational pathways in one area. This system facilitates data collection at the phase of field inventory and allows designing many different alternative routes, as well as managing them in the course of their utilization.

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MLA Węgiel, Andrzej, et al. "Variant designing of educational forest nature pathways by using GIS." Acta Sci.Pol. Silv. 9.2 (2010): 41-51.
APA Węgiel A., Oleszkiewicz P., Rutkowski D. (2010). Variant designing of educational forest nature pathways by using GIS. Acta Sci.Pol. Silv. 9 (2), 41-51
ISO 690 WęGIEL, Andrzej, OLESZKIEWICZ, Paweł, RUTKOWSKI, Dariusz. Variant designing of educational forest nature pathways by using GIS. Acta Sci.Pol. Silv., 2010, 9.2: 41-51.
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