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Issue 8 (4) 2009 pp. 5-23

Wojciech Antkowiak, Anna Materak

Poznań University of Life Sciences

Nature monuments in the Szamotuły county (Wielkopolskie province)


The paper presents results of the first survey of nature monuments conducted after WWII in seven communes of the Szamotuły county: Duszniki, Kaźmierz, Obrzycko, Ostroróg, Pniewy, Szamotuły and Wronki. A total of 114 nature monuments were inventoried – single trees account for 76.3% of all monuments, while clusters of trees – 20.2%, respectively. A locality of Osmunda regalis, a cluster of Pinus mugo as well as two erratics are also monuments. A total of 384 trees of 25 species were inventoried. In case of single trees considered nature monuments the most numerous group is composed of English oaks (44 trees – 50.6%), while among tree clusters Scots pines predominate (201 trees – 67.7 %). The biggest number of monuments is found in state forests (57.9%) and former manor parks (21.9%). Plaques of Nature monument are placed on 54% trees ranked as monuments and 60.9% tree clusters, while only every eighth monument tree cluster bears the appropriate information plaque. Such a plaque was also placed on one erratic. The most impressive tree in the analysed county is a London plane from Pożarów, with a circumference of 7.15 m.

Keywords: nature monument, the Szamotuły country, nature protection
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