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Issue 8 (4) 2009 pp. 5-23

Wojciech Antkowiak, Anna Materak

Poznań University of Life Sciences


Keywords: nature monument, the Szamotuły country, nature protection

The paper presents results of the first survey of nature monuments conducted after WWII in seven communes of the Szamotuły county: Duszniki, Kaźmierz, Obrzycko, Ostroróg, Pniewy, Szamotuły and Wronki. A total of 114 nature monuments were inventoried – single trees account for 76.3% of all monuments, while clusters of trees – 20.2%, respectively. A locality of Osmunda regalis, a cluster of Pinus mugo as well as two erratics are also monuments. A total of 384 trees of 25 species were inventoried. In case of single trees considered nature monuments the most numerous group is composed of English oaks (44 trees – 50.6%), while among tree clusters Scots pines predominate (201 trees – 67.7 %). The biggest number of monuments is found in state forests (57.9%) and former manor parks (21.9%). Plaques of Nature monument are placed on 54% trees ranked as monuments and 60.9% tree clusters, while only every eighth monument tree cluster bears the appropriate information plaque. Such a plaque was also placed on one erratic. The most impressive tree in the analysed county is a London plane from Pożarów, with a circumference of 7.15 m.

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MLA Antkowiak, Wojciech, and Anna Materak. "Nature monuments in the Szamotuły county (Wielkopolskie province)." Acta Sci.Pol. Silv. 8.4 (2009): 5-23.
APA Antkowiak W., Materak A. (2009). Nature monuments in the Szamotuły county (Wielkopolskie province). Acta Sci.Pol. Silv. 8 (4), 5-23
ISO 690 ANTKOWIAK, Wojciech, MATERAK, Anna. Nature monuments in the Szamotuły county (Wielkopolskie province). Acta Sci.Pol. Silv., 2009, 8.4: 5-23.
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