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Issue 7 (3) 2008

July - September 2008


Issue 7 (3) 2008, pp. 5-13
Krzysztof Adamowicz, Artur Dyrcz
An attempt to assess price elasticity of demand for pine wood on the primary wood market in the Bytnica Forest Division in the years 1997-2005
Issue 7 (3) 2008, pp. 15-22
Roman Jaszczak, Konrad Magnuski, Lechosław Małys
European silver fir (Abies alba Mill.) growing in conditions of clear cutting as well as shelter wood and group cutting after cleaning cutting of hornbeam-oak old forest
Issue 7 (3) 2008, pp. 23-35
Ryszard Miś, Jan Kukuła, Andrzej Węgiel
Effect of the age of the maternal pine Pinus sylvestris L. on the growth and development of progeny stands
Issue 7 (3) 2008, pp. 37-45
Włodzimierz Stempski
Worker’s physical load when harvesting logs on clear cuts
Issue 7 (3) 2008, pp. 47-57
Michał Żmuda, Piotr Karolewski, Marian J. Giertych, Roma Żytkowiak, Marek Bąkowski, Jacek Grzebyta, Jacek Oleksyn
The effect of light conditions on leaf injury in underbrush shrubs caused by leaf-eating insects

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