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Issue 17 (2) 2018 pp.

Marek Wieruszewski, Zbigniew Malinowski


Keywords: round wood, quality of raw material, wood defects

Quality adjustment of raw material for wood processing needs plays a key role in the rational process of using wood. The diversity of use and the variety of species qualities translate into the necessity of using both quality and round-sized sorting. The requirements for wood raw materials for construction applications, both in construction and in furniture production, have translated into the development of specific groups of defects determining the usefulness of wood. With the increasing share of roundwood harvesting, much of the accuracy of the qualitative classification and its clarification play a key role in both the domestic and foreign markets. In Poland, the State Forests play a decisive role in the supply of wood for industrial and individual customers. In the national market for the qualitative and dimensional classification of roundwood is adopted Regulations of the Director General of the State Forests. These documents, which act as a superior in the raw material sale procedure, refer to
the normative acts applied prior to accession to the European Union and adapted to the quality parameters of the national raw material base. Particular attention should be paid to the process of forming requirements concerning both the distribution of defects and the methods of
measuring them. In the post war Poland, this process can be observed on the basis of the changes norms of the subject "Wood defects".

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