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Issue 15 (3) 2016 pp. 175-183

Monika Starosta-Grala, Anna Ankudo-Jankowska

Katedra Ekonomiki Leśnictwa, Uniwersytet Przyrodniczy w Poznaniu


Keywords: education of ecology, forest education, acts, state documents, State Forests

Effective environmental education, including the forest education, leads to the development of knowledge about the state of the environment, the level of awareness and the environmental attitudes of society. This activity covers different fields, such as: nature conservation, environment, education, and politics taking into account different social groups, organizations and institutions. This paper presents the most important national legislation and state documents in relation to the environmental education. Their relationships and evaluation in the context of a positive impact on the ecological awareness of society, including the activities of the State Forests in this area are indicated. The process of creating a regulatory system in the field of environmental education is a long-term process that requires continuous improvement of law and system solutions. In the field of education, it should aim to develop a common platform for cooperation between educational bodies and forest educators. The result of this cooperation should be developing common standards and core curricula for various levels of education.

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MLA Starosta-Grala, Monika, and Anna Ankudo-Jankowska. "LEGAL CONDITIONS OF FOREST EDUCATION IN POLAND." Acta Sci.Pol. Silv. 15.3 (2016): 175-183. http://dx.doi.org/10.17306/J.AFW.2016.3.20
APA Starosta-Grala, M., Ankudo-Jankowska A. (2016). LEGAL CONDITIONS OF FOREST EDUCATION IN POLAND. Acta Sci.Pol. Silv. 15 (3), 175-183 http://dx.doi.org/10.17306/J.AFW.2016.3.20
ISO 690 STAROSTA-GRALA, Monika, ANKUDO-JANKOWSKA, Anna. LEGAL CONDITIONS OF FOREST EDUCATION IN POLAND. Acta Sci.Pol. Silv., 2016, 15.3: 175-183. http://dx.doi.org/10.17306/J.AFW.2016.3.20
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