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Issue 14 (2) 2015

April - June 2015
Cover (Inner front) Issue 14 (2) 2015 - Cover (Inner front)
Contents Issue 14 (2) 2015 - Contents


Issue 14 (2) 2015, pp. 93-102
Radosław Cieślak, Jolanta Behnke-Borowczyk, Tomasz Raźny, Marta Molińska-Glura, Anna Ratajczak, Arleta Świetlik,Piotr Łakomy
Description of Heterobasidion annosum population occurring in Scots pine stands in Człopa Forest Districts II. Mycelium development in a dead wood
Issue 14 (2) 2015, pp. 103-113
Marcin K. Dyderski, Andrzej M. Jagodziński
Encroachment of Padus serotina (Ehrh.) Borkh.into alder carrs and ash-alder riparian forests
Issue 14 (2) 2015, pp. 115-126
Janusz Gołąb
Relationship of the intensity of runoff from forest roads with intensity of precipitation
Issue 14 (2) 2015, pp. 127-134
Winicjusz Kasprzyk
Influence of diversifying the dose of preparationFalcon 460 EC to the degree of damage to assimilative apparatus of English oak (Quercus robur L.)caused by the mildew oak
Issue 14 (2) 2015, pp. 135-147
Beata Sadowska
Financial accounting tools of State Forestsin the area of the information needs of public,private and non-governmental users,in the concept of sustainable forestry development
Issue 14 (2) 2015, pp. 149-160
Monika Starosta-Grala, Anna Ankudo-Jankowska
Structure analysis of financial sources of forest education in the State Forests
Issue 14 (2) 2015, pp. 161-168
Piotr Szczypa, Agnieszka Szewczyk
Accounting in the valuation of forest in national parks and contemporary dilemmas
Issue 14 (2) 2015, pp. 169-175
Wojciech Szewczyk
Occurrence of white pocket rotin Pine stands of older age classesin North-Western Poland

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