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Issue 13 (2) 2014

April - June 2014
Cover (Inner front) Issue 13 (2) 2014 - Cover (Inner front)
Contents Issue 13 (2) 2014 - Contents


Issue 13 (2) 2014 pp. 13
Władysław Danielewicz, Piotr Kiciński, Łukasz Antosz
Turkey oak (Quercus cerris L.) in Polish forests
Issue 13 (2) 2014 pp. 23-37
Marcin K. Dyderski, Anna K. Gdula, Dorota Wrońska-Pilarek
Vegetation of newly created “Bogdanka I” and “Bogdanka II” ecological lands in Poznań
Issue 13 (2) 2014 pp. 39-47
Katarzyna Glazar
Effective active time of limbing and conversion at chainsaw use in selected technology and habitat variants
Issue 13 (2) 2014 pp. 49-57
Robert Kuźmiński, Robert Wtykło
Application of a synthetic tree damage index to assess changes in the health condition of selected oak stands in the Włoszakowice Forest Division

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