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Issue 11 (4) 2012 pp. 45-55

Józef Walczyk, Paweł Tylek

University of Agriculture in Krakow

Technical and technological progress in Polish forest nurseries


This article presents new technological and technical solutions for forest nursery, which were developed recently in Department of Forestry Mechanization at Agricultural University in Krakow and implemented in forest nursery. Fertilizer dispensers equipped with mechanism to mix, loosen, and initial soil thickening were made, in order to enrich the ground with mycorrhizal fungi, fertilization and presowing preparation of soil. Thick seeds spot seeding section of Agricola Italiana type PK seeder was modified in order to use in spot seeding, so now it can sow thick seeds like beech or fir and tiny seeds in double rows which make it a universal seeder to sowing forest trees seeds. Sections, up to 5, mounted on construction can spot sow seed perches in field conditions. In order to use in corridor, sowing field seeder arm was modified by extending it, so it was possible to mount sideways seeding units and tractor can be driven next to corridor. Electrical tool holder was constructed for spot seeding under cover, to which you can mount equipment for soil preparation (sowing fertilizer, mycorrhizal biopreparate dosage, loosing and rolling ground), spot seeder sowing sections or constructed saddle for performing weeding.


Keywords: soil preparations in nurseries, spot seeding, fertilizer dispenser, cultivation in corridors, forest nursery
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