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Issue 16 (3) 2017

July - September 2017
Issue (3) 2017 - Cover
Issue (3) 2017 - Contents
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Issue 16 (3) 2017 pp. 157-164
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Krzysztof Adamowicz, Artur Dyrcz, Piotr Szczypa, Adam Zydroń, Krzysztof Michalski, Hubert Szramka
The effect of the forest special purpose fund on values of individual items in the balance sheet of a forest management unit
Issue 16 (3) 2017 pp. 165-176
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Władysław Barzdajn
Assessment of functions describing the dependence of diameter at breast height and tree height In stands on the transformation of forest management to selection forest in the Sudeten
Issue 16 (3) 2017 pp. 177-187
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Grażyna Burzyńska-Jędrzejczak, Katarzyna Kaźmierczak
Structure of accidents in timber harvesting in the regional directorates of the State Forests in 2011–2015
Issue 16 (3) 2017 pp. 189-193
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Robert Kuźmiński, Wojciech Szewczyk
Influence of flooding on oak stands in the Wołów Forest District
Issue 16 (3) 2017 pp. 195-198
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Wojciech Nowak, Katarzyna Niedźwiecka, Radosław Witkowski, Marta Bełka, Andrzej Mazur
First records of Mediterranean cypress bark beetle Phloeosinus aubei (Perris, 1855) (Coleoptera, Scolytinae) from Poland
Issue 16 (3) 2017 pp. 199-206
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Wojciech Szewczyk
Effect of decomposing heartwood of Scots pine by Porodaedalea pini on CO2 release
Issue 16 (3) 2017 pp. 207-213
available in pl 
Krzysztof Turczański
The occurrence of common ash in stand profile in chosen moist broadleaved forest habitats
Issue 16 (3) 2017 pp. 215-220
available in pl 
Wojciech Wesoły, Maria Hauke-Kowalska, Aleksandra Kempa, Samuel Śliwa
The influence of density in plant nursery cassettes on the growth of oak and beech seedlings

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