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Issue 13 (3) 2014

July - September 2014
Issue (3) 2014 - Cover
Issue (3) 2014 - Contents


Issue 13 (3) 2014 pp. 5-18
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Anna Ankudo-Jankowska, Artur Tutka
Evaluation of economic efficiency of thinning treatments in pine stands on the example of the Forest District Bogdaniec
Issue 13 (3) 2014 pp. 19-29
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Bartosz Piechowicz, Justyna Gola, Przemysław Grodzicki, Iwona Piechowicz
Selected insecticides and acaricide as modifiers of the metabolic rate in the beetle Anoplotrupes stercorosus under various thermal conditions: the effect of pirimicarb, diazinon and fenazaquin
Issue 13 (3) 2014 pp. 31-47
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Damian Sugiero, Grzegorz Rączka
Dynamics of the growth and development process of lower subalpine Carpathian beech stands of the Bieszczady National Park
Issue 13 (3) 2014 pp. 49-56
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Katarzyna Szyjka, Tadeusz Kubacki, Marek Wajdzik
Biometric characteristics of the badger (Meles meles) in the region of Piotrków

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