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Issue 11 (4) 2012 pp. 19-26

Paweł Artur Kluza1, Bogdan Choczewski2

1.University of Live Sciences in Lublin
.AGH University of Science and Technology in Cracow

Mathematical modeling of Scots pine (Pinus silvestris) growth process


There were formulated two general approaches to the problem under consideration indicating the experimental data sources. Mathematical symbols were introduced to denote each plant part and describe its function. There was constructed a discrete two – dimensional dynamical system that depicted Scots pine growth process followed by making suitable assumptions on its components. It has been found that this system is an iteration sequence of certain area transformation which served as the basis for the dynamical system development. Consequently, several important results like theorems, comments and charts were obtained. The obtained research results are related to variations of total dry weight Mn that grows exponentially, while linearly for n large enough. It was also demonstrated that the proportion of assimilatory to non assimilatory parts λ ̅ tends to the calculated stationary point λ1.

Keywords: discrete dynamical system, stationary point, differential equation
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MLA Kluza, Paweł Artur, and Bogdan Choczewski. "Mathematical modeling of Scots pine (Pinus silvestris) growth process." Acta Sci.Pol. Silv. 11.4 (2012): .
APA Kluza P.A., Choczewski B. (2012). Mathematical modeling of Scots pine (Pinus silvestris) growth process. Acta Sci.Pol. Silv. 11 (4),
ISO 690 KLUZA, Paweł Artur, CHOCZEWSKI, Bogdan. Mathematical modeling of Scots pine (Pinus silvestris) growth process. Acta Sci.Pol. Silv., 2012, 11.4: .
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