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Issue 11 (2) 2012

April - June 2012
Issue (2) 2012 - Cover
Issue (2) 2012 - Contents


Issue 11 (2) 2012 pp. 5-13
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Katarzyna Glazar, Jan Bocianowski
Classical and order statistics of effective active time of felling at use chainsaw
Issue 11 (2) 2012 pp. 15-25
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Dariusz Kulak, Janusz M. Sowa, Arkadiusz Stańczykiewicz, Grzegorz Szewczyk
Damages to the surface layer of soil during timber harvesting using the equipment aggregated with farm tractors
Issue 11 (2) 2012 pp. 27-36
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Krzysztof Słowiński
Working resistance of selected machines for preparation of seedbed
Issue 11 (2) 2012 pp. 37-51
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Arkadiusz Stańczykiewicz, Janusz M. Sowa, Dariusz Kulak, Krzysztof Leszczyński, Grzegorz Szewczyk
Damage to trees and regeneration layer resulting from timber harvesting with the use of equipment aggregated with farm tractors in thinned pine stands
Issue 11 (2) 2012 pp. 53-62
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Grzegorz Szewczyk, Janusz M. Sowa, Dariusz Kulak, Arkadiusz Stańczykiewicz
Multifactor analysis of time consumption in manipulation and cutting stacked wood into length

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