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Issue 11 (1) 2012

January - March 2012
Issue (1) 2012 - Cover
Issue (1) 2012 - Contents


Issue 11 (1) 2012 pp. 5-16
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Dariusz J. Gwiazdowicz, Jason A. Dunlop
Subfamily Arctoseiinae (Acari, Mesostigmata) in the Museum Für Naturkunde Berlin
Issue 11 (1) 2012 pp. 15-26
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Włodzimierz Stempski
Analysis of timber harvesting process by means of the long-timber method in the technological variant with measurements of the length and diameter of logs by the chainsaw operator
Issue 11 (1) 2012 pp. 27-41
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Adam Szukała
Vasular plants of planned natural reserve ‘Gorajskie Parzyska’ (Krucz Forestry, the Regional Directorate of State Forest, Piła)
Issue 11 (1) 2012 pp. 43-47
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Paulius Zolubas, Remigijus Dagilius
Small scale conservation status in forests – source of bark beetle problems?

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