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Issue 11 (2) 2012 pp. 27-36

Krzysztof Słowiński

University of Agriculture in Krakow


Keywords: tree nurseries, working resistance, nursery machines

Cultivation machines meet resistance during their operation. Mostly the magnitude of resistance depends on resistance caused by tilled material. This study presents the results of the measurements of working resistance for a disc harrow U-239 manufactured by Akpil and a seedbed former and a cultivator with a string roller manufactured by Egedal. The tests were conducted on open tree nursery in Kłaj, being part of the Forest District of Niepołomice. Sandy-loam and loam-sandy soils prevail in the nursery.
The measurements of resistance were conducted in three quarters with black fallow.
The compactness and humidity of soil were determined (16-24%). Working resistance was determined by the hauling method with the usage of force strain gauge. The average value of working resistance for the disc harrow fit in the range between 2.25 kN and 2.82 kN, for the seedbed former between 2.35 kN and 2.53 kN, for the cultivator with string roller between 1.50 kN and 2.37 kN.


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MLA Słowiński, Krzysztof. "Working resistance of selected machines for preparation of seedbed." Acta Sci.Pol. Silv. 11.2 (2012): 27-36.
APA Słowiński K. (2012). Working resistance of selected machines for preparation of seedbed. Acta Sci.Pol. Silv. 11 (2), 27-36
ISO 690 SłOWIńSKI, Krzysztof. Working resistance of selected machines for preparation of seedbed. Acta Sci.Pol. Silv., 2012, 11.2: 27-36.
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